Auto Ripe Generators aim to Provide Narrow Ethylene Application Solution

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, USA – We often hear ripeners across the industry describe the limited space available within some ripening rooms.  To solve this issue, Catalytic Generators has specifically engineered a compact ethylene application system, the Auto Ripe® Generator.

Auto Ripe® Generators provide a narrow ethylene application solution for ripening rooms worldwide. Reliable, effective, and easy to use, the Auto Ripe® Generator can hold enough Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate to perform up to four ripening cycles in a one or two load ripening room.

This generator has the ability to be wall-mounted and works with computerized ripening room control systems, as well. The minimum room size for an Auto Ripe® Generator is 2,000 ft3 (57 m3). Reservoirs of the Auto Ripe® Generator are capable of storing four quarts (about four liters) with conversion rate settings as followed:

# 1: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 48 hours; 2,000 to 2,499 ft³ (57– 70 m³)

# 2: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 36 hours; 2,499 to 4,999 ft³ (71 – 141 m³)

# 3: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 24 hours; 5,000 to 7,499 ft³ (142 – 212 m³)

# 4: 1 Quart of Ethy-Gen® II every 12 hours; 7,500 to 12,000 ft³ and larger (213 – 340 m³+)

*Note that it may be possible to use just one generator for a room that is larger than 12,000 ft³ (LxWxH, 340 m³); it depends upon how tight the room is.

How it Works:

  • Just pour one to four quarts of Ethy-Gen® II and ethylene production quickly begins.
  • Provides non-pressurized and safe ethylene on a continuous basis for uniform ripening & degreening.
  • Ethylene output is adjustable for multiple room sizes, which means the Auto-Ripe® can adapt to any ethylene PPM requirements. For larger rooms, additional units easily achieve proper ethylene levels.

The Auto Ripe® Generator provides safe ethylene application to a variety of fruits including bananas, apples, pears, mangos, and more. When following the simple operating directions, this device makes fruit ripening and degreening possible without the risk of explosion. From this, you can run the device without safety concerns for your fresh produce.

Catalytic Generators will be at the New York Produce Show at Booth 539, December 10-13th, with sister company, QA Supplies LLC.

About Catalytic Generators, LLC

The process of producing ethylene in ripening rooms was invented and patented by Catalytic Generators in 1973.  The system consists of a catalytic-type generator that converts a liquid concentrate, called Ethy-Gen® II, into safe levels of ethylene, which is a natural plant hormone produced by many fruits, including bananas, tomatoes, avocados, mangos, and pears. With a strategic distribution network, Catalytic Generators offers its customers timely service and delivery across the globe.