A de Coco Sets a New Standard For Coconut Freshness

Typically, young coconuts need more than 40 days to reach US retail shelves, but this has now changed.

A de Coco, the leading coconut products brand in Latin America, is now available on leading shelves in the southwest region, starting with a 7 days harvest-to-market.

The difference is staggering, their water and pulp are as fresh as a recently cut coconut on the beach. Said coconuts are available all year round, grown, processed, and packed in Mexico by Coco Colima, A de Coco’s parent company. This takes place less than 800 miles from Texas, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint.

Coco Colima is the leading coconut products manufacturer in Mexico, established in 1949 and retailed at approximately 20,000 points of sale. Its product range includes fresh organic and conventional young coconuts, brown and green coconuts, coconut strips, water, milk, cream, oil, flakes, flour, and sugar.

Through the A de Coco brand, Coco Colima is now actively working at setting its standard as the new rule to define coconut freshness in the produce category.