A Summer Staple: Organic Melons from Morning Kiss Organic

Chelsea, MA – Morning Kiss Organic is bringing the classic summer flavor of melons to market with mini watermelons, cantaloupes, and honey dews. Melon season runs May through early December. This season’s crop will come primarily from Mexico and California, with a possibility of a small volume coming from the Southeast United States in June and July. Promotional opportunities are available. 

“We are excited to grow our organic melon program this season,” says Nelly Czajkowski of Morning Kiss Organic. “Our grower partners do a fantastic job growing high quality, flavorful melons. They are perfect for all your summer gatherings!”    

To ensure the highest quality fruit, Morning Kiss Organic takes care to maintain proper temperatures for each kind of melon. As with the entire product line, the company offers just-in-time inventory management which reduces loss to product spoilage. Melons can be banded with organic tape upon request to guarantee the organic sale at checkout.

No summer barbeque is complete without fruit salad, in which melon is traditionally a main ingredient. This versatile fruit can easily accompany any meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner – and is also a perfect anytime snack. The health benefits of melons are well known to science. Watermelon contains more lycopene – an antioxidant linked to decreased risk of cancer and heart disease – than any other fresh fruit or vegetable. Cantaloupes contain 100% of the daily value for vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from damage, as well as the full amount of vitamin A which supports eye, skin, and bone health. Honeydew is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

About Morning Kiss Organic
Morning Kiss Organic is the organic brand of Gold Bell, DiSilva Fruit and Arrowfarms. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Morning Kiss Organic products are available year round in a range of customizable formats, packed to order. Unique packaging options offer economical packaging, pricing, faster turns and less waste. Always fresh, the company uses just in time inventory management as well as daily deliveries to ensure the highest quality, best tasting selection available. Natural and healthy, Morning Kiss products are always non-GMO. Morning Kiss Organic is committed to sourcing from East Coast farmers whenever possible, and delivers daily to stores and distribution centers.

Sales Contact:
Avocados, citrus & juice: (617) 884-9033. Potatoes, onions & vegetables: (617) 884-8685.
More information: www.morningkissorganic.com