Baking the Season Bright: RubyFrost Apples are Back in Stores

Lockport, New York – As ovens preheat and holiday baking ramps up, Crunch Time Apple Growers, a group of more than 150 apple growers across New York State, is delighted to announce the return of RubyFrost™ apples in stores nationwide. One of the best dessert apples, known for its tart yet sweet flavor, RubyFrost apples are naturally non-browning due to their high vitamin C.

This year’s crop of RubyFrost apples are both delicious and stunning in color. Consumers will enjoy adding the allure to their favorite dishes or snacks. RubyFrost continues to maintain its reputation as the perfect apple for baking, with consistent growth at top retailers year after year.

“What sets RubyFrost apart is its ability to strike a balance,” said Jessica Wells, executive director of Crunch Time Apple Growers. “RubyFrost apples are not overly sweet, making them the ideal choice for cooking or baking. They’re just sweet enough that they make a great quick snack, and are also slow to brown, making them an ideal addition to a charcuterie board.”

Consumers can now purchase RubyFrost apples at Sprouts, Tops, and many NYC-area retailers. Look for them soon at BJ’s and a bit later in the season at Aldi, Costco and many other great retailers.

RubyFrost apples were developed by Dr. Susan Brown of Cornell University in Geneva, NY. For more information on where to buy and stock RubyFrost apples, visit

About RubyFrost Apples

When you bite into a RubyFrost™ apple, you’re not just tasting an incredible apple, but the incredible love and labor of more than 150 family farmers across New York State. Every RubyFrost apple is carefully grown, beautifully colored and irresistibly balanced with flavors that are both sweet and tart – making it the perfect apple for baking. When you bite into a RubyFrost apple you are biting into something pretty. delicious. For more information please visit