Bako Sweet Celebrates Heart-Healthy Sweet Potatoes This February

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. –  Country Sweet Produce’s Bako Sweet line of sweet potatoes are now certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program just in time to celebrate American Heart Month and National Sweet Potato Month this February.

As shoppers look for healthier, but still tasty ways to incorporate fresh foods into their diets this year, sweet potatoes remain top of mind. Not only are they heart-healthy, but they have also taken center stage as a gluten-free alternative thanks to Whole30 influencers who brought us sweet potato toast and Vegan influencers who made sweet potatoes the star of so many plant-based dishes. Just last month, Bako Sweet’s Organic Sweet Potato Steam Bags won the Eat This, Not That 2022 Food Award for Best Healthy Starchy Side.

To celebrate National Sweet Potato Month this month, Bako Sweet is hosting a Grown With Love giveaway on its Instagram page from February 1, 2022 – February 28, 2022 where people have the opportunity to win a year of free sweet potatoes, a heart-shaped Le Creuset dish, and their new “sweet potato lovers” swag. Last year the brand hosted a similar giveaway and saw more than 5,000 participants.

“Retailers have a massive opportunity in February to benefit from the trending content surrounding sweet potatoes by creating product displays and offering recipe ideas in store and online,” said Alexandra Rae Molumby, Marketing Manager for Bako Sweet. “There are several days throughout the month to continue to promote sweet potatoes as well, thanks to the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day, followed by National Cook a Sweet Potato Day on February 22.” 

To support retailers and shoppers alike, Bako Sweet offers a library of heart-healthy recipes that also work well for Superbowl and Valentine’s Day, including:

“Sweet potatoes are such a fun food and their nutritious benefit is hard to beat since they are rich in Vitamin C, potassium, and loaded with fiber,” said Whitney Stuart, dietitian and diabetes educator at Whitness Nutrition. “A sweet potato is the perfect high-fiber compliment to any meal since they can be used for sweet or savory dishes.”

Retailers can show the sweet potato love this month by providing heart-healthy recipe ideas online and in store and filling the shelves with Bako Sweet’s award-winning products. 

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About Bako Sweet®

For more than 75 years Country Sweet Produce, grower-packer-shipper of consumer brand Bako Sweet®, has been growing sweet potatoes in the country’s richest soil in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California, also known as “California’s Sweet Spot.” This land produces some of the best-tasting sweet potatoes on the market. Over the years, Bako Sweet has perfected the growing and harvesting process to ensure the highest quality and consistently-sized sweet potatoes. Today, Bako Sweet focuses on providing the largest variety of value-added, conveniently packaged sweet potatoes, as well as bulk sweet potatoes and specialty offerings. For more information about Bako Sweet, visit