Baloian Farms Moss Adams 2021 Agribusiness of the Year

Few ag businesses can produce the number of high-quality crops that Baloian Farms can. Thanks to an innovative harvest strategy that produces crops nearly year-round, and transitions from locations in Southern California and Mexico to the Central Valley, the fourth-generation family-owned farm is able to feed a consistent supply to their customers.  While bell peppers are the company’s specialty, making up 63% of its total output, it also grows eggplants, sweet red onions, yellow squash, and zucchini. Its fall and winter “wet veg” program enables the harvest of leafy greens such as romaine lettuce and spinach during the holiday season, giving consumers access to fresh vegetables for their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Baloian Farms’ year-round productivity is one of many reasons why it received the prestigious Moss Adams Agribusiness of the Year Award. The award is presented to a business who has demonstrated industry leadership through innovation and performed philanthropic acts in the community. Baloian Farms exemplifies these accomplishments in every way.

The business’s talented marketing team formulates market strategies that offer customers a wide arrange of options and maintains lasting grower/partner relationships. Baloian Farms salesman Jay Angulo summarizes its marketing strategy best, “We invest time in getting to know our customers, their particular packs, timetables, desired loading locations or delivery dates, and weekly usage numbers. We take all that information and design a service level tailored for each customer that involves lots of forecasting and advanced planning that can overcome the most difficult supply positions, tough freight situations, holidays, or any other curveballs that produce companies can and do experience on any given day.”

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