Bobalu Berries Supports High School Graduation Season Awarding 23 Scholarships

(Oxnard, CA) This marks the second year Bobalu Berries has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors.  The company’s scholarship program was expanded for 2023 offering scholarship opportunities to students at high schools in both Oxnard and Santa Maria, CA. The response was overwhelming.

As part of the 60th anniversary in 2022, the company awarded nine scholarships to students at three schools in Oxnard.  This year, Bobalu Berry Farms received over 80 applications in both growing regions and awarded 23 scholarships to students at nine different high schools.  The merit-based program focused heavily on grades, but also considered philanthropic activities by students supporting their community.  “We knew with this many applications and so many students deserving scholarships that we had to attend their awards nights and present these scholarships in person.  The students are so well qualified, we had a very difficult time narrowing it down to the final recipients,” says RC Jones, managing partner.  

The majority of the 2023 recipients will be attending California State Universities, and some will be pursuing degrees in agriculture.  Many of the students receiving funds from Bobalu are the first in their family to attend college and expressed gratitude in their essays for support they have received from family, teachers, and school counselors.  

“We formed a staff committee this year due to the number of applications we received and the caliber of students that have worked so hard all four years”, adds Bobby Jones, “Our in-house team really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this process and help to provide ways we can continue to expand the scholarship program in the future” adds Jones.   

Bobby and RC Jones are honored to support these 23 students that rely on outside financial support for universities they will be attending.  They both expressed hope that other local produce companies will consider similar programs since over 80 students applied for funding support. They expressed interest in partnering with other organizations in the future to expand the reach of this type of support for local students that are excited about continuing their education.  

Nine of the 23 students that received awards last week are graduating from Adolfo Camarillo, Pacifica, Rancho Campana and Channel Islands High School in Oxnard.  In Santa Maria, an additional 14 students are graduating from Delta, Ernest Righetti, Pioneer, St. Joseph’s and Santa Maria High School.