Braga Fresh to Debut Item at 2021 Organic Produce Summit

SOLEDAD, Calif. – Braga Fresh will debut Josie’s Organics baby iceberg lettuce in a 2-count retail bag at the 2021 Organic Produce Summit, Sept. 16 in Monterey in booth #204

The Josie’s Organics baby iceberg is a bit larger than an apple or avocado, about the size of a large hamburger bun when halved, and easily fits in an adult’s hand.

The specialty size is harvested weeks earlier than traditional iceberg heads, creating softer textured leaves and sweeter flavor.   Perfect for wedge salads, lettuce wraps, tossed salads or halved for a protein style hamburger bun, the head size of baby iceberg is less than half the size of regular iceberg.

Riding the rising popularity of small, baby sized items in the fresh produce department, Kori Tuggle, vice president of marketing and product development, said the two-count baby iceberg pack allows shoppers to rediscover organic iceberg lettuce.

“Iceberg can be underrated but true foodies know it has a special flavor, texture and versatility,” Tuggle said.  “Americans have loved iceberg lettuce for generations; our new organic baby iceberg delivers everything salad lovers expect from iceberg lettuce, in a versatile new size.”

In addition, the company will showcase three organic premium salad kits that rolled out in May:  Lemon Herb, Rustic Tomato and Spring Blush. 

As a sponsor of the show, on Wednesday, Sept. 15, Braga Fresh will host retailer and buyer field tours at the company’s home ranch followed by an invitation-only reception later that night.  On Thursday, Sept. 16, Heather Fuller, vice president of sales, will participate in the OPS educational session, “Obstacles and Opportunities for Organic Produce Post-Covid.”

“With a strong list of retailers committed to attending, our entire sales team will be engaged with all activities leading up to the show and in the booth,” Tuggle said.

Josie’s Organics baby iceberg is available now and shipping nationwide.


About Braga Fresh

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