California Giant Berry Farms Forecasts Strong Pacific Northwest Blueberry Supplies 

Watsonville, CA – California Giant Berry Farms forecasts a bountiful harvest of high-quality conventional and organic blueberries from its Pacific Northwest growing region in the coming months—making for ample availability of everyone’s favorite superfood just in time for National Blueberry Month.  

The Pacific Northwest blueberry season has officially begun, with strong conventional harvests out of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia with all regions reporting excellent flavor and size. Likewise, organic harvests are underway and ramping up stateside—with premium fruit being reported. Peak volumes of conventional and organic fruit will be available throughout the month of July, with an abundance of blueberries available through early-September.  

“We’re excited to share our abundance of conventional and organic blueberries from the Pacific Northwest,” said Markus Duran, Director of Bushberry at California Giant Berry Farms. “We had strong pollination from the start, and barring any major weather events, we look forward to a steady supply of nutritious berries to meet the ever-growing demand from our consumers.” 

California Giant continues to drive increases in blueberry consumption through consumer marketing to drive purchase intent for fresh blueberries and share the smiles and health benefits that they deliver. 

About California Giant Berry Farms 

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