Cool Comes to the Humble Produce Aisle

Fruits and vegetables are the latest section of the supermarket to get a branding push as investors and marketers target the agriculture industry

First cottage cheese got a glow-up. Then canned fish and olive oil developed a new look. Now inglorious produce is getting its turn in the stylist’s chair.

A wave of branded fruits and vegetables are landing on e-commerce sites and in grocery stores across the country, using snazzy fonts and bright colors that promote their provenance and sustainable credentials. This isn’t “designer” produce with designer price tags, like Omakase Berries. It’s the everyday apple, now with a Pepsi-style marketing strategy.

Outside some enduring brands such as Dole, Chiquita and Driscoll’s, plus a newer player in Avocados From Mexico, most basic produce has usually competed on price and quality but little else. 

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