Dorot Farm Announces the Launch of a New Website

BDA/Dorot Farm, the number one exporter of fresh and sweet carrots from Israel, is pleased to announce NEW website at

Dorot Farm is a third-generation family-owned produce company. It is the #1 carrot grower group, growing and selling fresh and sweet carrots around the world, directly from their farms.

Ami Ben-Dror, CEO of BDA/Dorot Farm, the third generation of farming carrots says: “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Dorot Farm has been growing carrots since 1941 and having spent my childhood working in these fields, learning from the pioneers, I am thrilled about this opportunity to share our story.”    

BDA/Dorot farm exports fresh, sweet carrots to North America, Europe, and Africa. The Jumbo carrots, cello (1lb, 2lb and 5 lb.) and organic carrots are delivered fresh directly from its farm to customers.

For more information about Dorot Farm fresh and sweet carrots, please visit  

BDA/Dorot Farm headquarter is located in New York. For additional information please call 516-882-2018