Dynamic Systems Inc. Announces Language Alternatives for Production Touchcomputer Input for Produce Packers & Shippers

Bellevue – WA Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Bellevue, Washington software developer specializing in Traceability and Inventory Systems for Fresh Food, launches a data entry option that makes SIMBA accessible to those for whom English is a second language.  SIMBA uses Touchcomputer Data Entry and Barcoding to manage Production, Traceability and Inventory for Seafood Processors, Meat Processors and Produce Packers.

Increase productivity and speed    The SIMBA system records inventory from receiving through storage and shipping in real-time, giving the company’s management immediate information to make timely decisions.  It is easy to use at every level, providing a full traceability & production system that meets government regulations.

SIMBA Production is the module that resides at receiving and on the production floor.  It uses touchscreen data entry to input variable information such as Product, Grade, Color, Size, etc.  The SIMBA Production computers may be integrated with scales for automatic weight calculations. The addition of the multiple language capability makes it easier for companies who have employees whose preferred language is not English.  SIMBA can provide up to 99 different languages, with two displaying on the touchscreen at one time (for example English and Spanish).

Results from implementing SIMBA    Key results from implementing the SIMBA System include increased productivity; the ability to get real-time, accurate inventory  reports; elimination of duplicate data entry;  the ability to invoice at time of shipping without delay; full traceability, backward and forward;  and much more.