First Day of Cosmic Crisp Apple Packing at Stemilt

Today marks the first day of Cosmic Crisp® apple packing for the 2021-2022 season! Stemilt marketing director, Brianna Shales, is excited about the upcoming season and ready to delight consumers around the country this with popular apple variety grown by Stemilt.

“This is the third year that Cosmic Crisp® will be available to consumers and we have already had many inquiring on when and where they can purchase it,” explains Shales. “Our field teams have done a phenomenal job farming and have put in a lot of effort to achieve the best starch and sugar levels, great color and excellent sizing so we could achieve that November 8 ship date.” During the 2020 season, Cosmic Crisp® ranked fifth in club apples in the total US making up nearly 11 percent of sales with an average retail price of $2.54/lb. “With more volume, I expect Cosmic Crisp® to perform well, especially with the upcoming holiday season,” says Shales. “It’s slow to brown, cooks well and has a great flavor for pairing, making it a top contender in the category this holiday season.”