Fox Packaging Announces Membership Into Sustainable Packaging Coailition and How2Recycle Program

MCALLEN, Texas – Fox Packaging™ is proud to announce membership into two outstanding sustainability programs, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and How2Recyle®, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. With these alliances, Fox Packaging highlights their drive toward innovative and sustainable packaging which performs mindfully in protection of fresh produce, communities, and our environment.

“In being a leader in flexible packaging specific to fresh produce, we have a sincere sense of urgency to actionable improvement of packaging systems, materials management, and recycling while maintaining our most crucial mission – protect fresh food and contribute to lifespan extension,” said Keith Fox, President of Fox Packaging. “To best contribute to this circular economy and encourage the continual use of resources, we found it important to join the How2Recycle® program through the SPC in support of a universal recycling language, reducing unclear label confusion and greenwashing. The How2Recycle® label system addresses all material and component types and increases the likelihood of material being properly recycled.”

Through the SPC, membership organizations can collaborate in educating buyers and consumers to broaden the understanding of sustainable packaging and what meaningful improvements in packaging can be.

“In many ways, plastic flexible packaging is being challenged. In approaching this industry transition, we wanted to align ourselves alongside like-minded businesses who are leading these sustainability conversations,” said Fox. “By joining the SPC and implementing How2Recycle® best practices, we are being transparent in our product offerings and in our overall sustainability efforts. Currently, the majority of our products are recyclable through in-store drop off programs, but this is not an end-all solution. Research and development for sustainable solutions will continue, as we progress in navigating our materials and packaging design.”

By joining these organizations, Fox Packaging intends to be a transparent, thought-leader who provides reasonable sustainable solutions. To learn more about Fox Packaging, please visit or to connect with an associate to review your packaging, email

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About Fox Packaging™

Fox Packaging is a family-owned and operated industry leader in developing and distributing unique flexible packaging solutions for fresh produce packers and shippers throughout North America and Latin America. Fox Packaging has spent the last five decades pioneering one-of-a-kind bag options that reduce product damage, showcase the natural beauty of the product and provide a beautiful foundation for branding and artwork. Fox Packaging focuses on innovative and sustainable packaging, with a drive toward mindfully protecting fresh produce, communities, and the environment.