Freshfel Europe Annual Event 2021 on 4 June 2021 – Open to Public & Free Registration

The Annual Event 2021 will explore the theme of ‘A New Decade for Freshfel Europe: Fruit and vegetables leading a healthy and sustainable future‘. This year’s Annual Event will be held online and celebrate Freshfel Europe’s 20th Anniversary as well as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021.

Our Annual Event 2021 will focus on the evolution of Freshfel Europe’s work since its establishment in 2001 to become the peak representative body for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in Europe. The Annual Event 2021 will provide detailed insights into opportunities for the sector to lead the way for a healthy and sustainable future for Europe and beyond, starting with the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021Crucial market and EU policy opportunities will be examined, such as capitalizing on the European Green Deal’s objectives and farm to fork strategy to supply fresh produce to green, health conscious tech-savvy consumers.

Programme 4 June 2021
Please find the programme attached and available online at

The the order of events is the following all taking place in CEST (Brussels time):
Freshfel Europe AGM
09:00-09:50 Freshfel Europe Annual General Meeting (Freshfel Europe members only)
Freshfel Europe Public Conference
10:00-10:05 Welcome to Freshfel Europe Public Conference
10:05-10:40 Session 1: Freshfel Europe’s journey since the turn of the century from Kai Krasemann to Stephan Weist
10:40-11:30 Session 2: Sustainability: from a buzz word to reality
11:30-12:15 Session 3: Consumer responses and expectations in the next decade
12:15-13:00 Session 4: How  financial business supports fresh produce sector growth for this new decade?
13:00-13:05 Closing

Registrations is open to the public and free of charge for all participants.

This year the Annual Event 2021 is exceptionally open to the entire fruit and vegetable sector to celebrate Freshfel Europe’s 20th anniversary and the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021. However, Freshfel Europe’s Annual General Meeting is limited to Freshfel Europe member and associated member participation only.

To register, please complete the online registration form at as soon as possible. Please complete one form per delegate.

Please feel welcome to disseminate the Annual Event registration to your colleagues and contacts.

All registered participants will receive the Annual Event online connection details prior to the event.

Further information
All information about the Annual Event 2021 is available via the Freshfel Europe website at