Freshfel Europe Calls for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sector to Take the Stage as a Leading Industry in Europe’s Climate Neutral Transition

Over the next five years and into 2030 the European Commission’s new geopolitical priorities will shape business and trade in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector as Europe transitions to a climate neutral planet. Freshfel Europe calls on the fresh produce sector to take the stage as a leading industry in Europe’s ecological transition and build opportunities in this period of change. 

The European fresh fruit and vegetable sector is experiencing an unprecedented period of change that is challenging mindsets and business models. From the new European Commission’s priority for Europe to lead the transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world, to fractious and challenging international trade relations and a new EU-UK relationship, to fervent plastics reduction and increased digitalization, in all areas of business change is imminent. In the midst of these developments, there is ample opportunity for the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector to take the stage as a leading industry. 

With the European Commission’s unveiling of the new European Green Deal in late 2019 new opportunities are beginning to emerge as Europe leads the transition to a climate neutral planet. For the fresh fruit and vegetable sector these opportunities include zero pollution production, carbon neutral supply chains, enhanced digital trading and alternative packaging solutions among others. As we enter 2020, the fresh fruit and vegetable sector should build on these opportunities to orient itself as a leading industry in this new ‘green’ age. 

Freshfel Europe reiterated this message today at its Annual Trade Meeting in Berlin on the eve of Fruit Logistica. Freshfel Europe General Delegate Philippe Binard buoyed leading sector stakeholders saying, “We must not overlook EU-level discussions on Europe’s future direction. The fresh produce sector is already a low environmental impact food industry, however Europe’s current geopolitics stimulating climate neutrality in all areas of business will shape operations and trade in the fresh produce sector for decades to come. Now is the time to act and seize this opportunity to be a leader in meeting environmental and consumer demands now and into the future”. Mr. Binard further emphasised that, “The European Green Deal’s underlying objective is to stimulate plant-based diets across Europe. It is up to the sector to embrace this challenge and build on this new momentum for fresh fruit and vegetables”.  Freshfel Europe members will take stock of the progress of the European Commission’s new legislation and its direct and indirect effects on business operations and trade in the European fresh produce sector at Freshfel Europe’s 2020 Annual Event, which will take place in Brussels on the 27 May 2020. 

Freshfel Europe is the European Fresh Produce Association, representing the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond. Freshfel Europe currently has over 200 members, including both companies and associations. For more information, contact the association at or visit the association website