Fyffes Launches Its New Exotics Range at Fruit Attraction

The world’s first fruit brand launches its new Exotics range at Fruit Attraction in Madrid, October 22 to 24. As part of its “Discover More” campaign, Fyffes is inviting retailers to take a fresh look at premium ranging opportunities. From banana to avocado, Fyffes is keen to work with retail partners to change the perspective on the commoditized tropical fresh produce sector by bringing a new energy to the category and adding clear value. Curious? Visit Fyffes in Hall 10 Stand 10E10.

Discover More – a sustainable brand investment based on consumer insights

Bananas have become a commodity amongst consumers. Even though a Fyffes consumer survey* revealed that 58 percent of those questioned said that they eat bananas every day (or several times each week) the category is not responding effectively to modern consumer needs.

Further qualitative research conducted by Fyffes showed that consumers actually care a great deal about the fruit they plan to purchase, that the brand increasingly influences the purchasing decision and ethical and sustainable practices are a very important sales trigger.

“‘Discover More’ is our invitation to retailers and consumers to change their perspective when buying fruit,” says Joris Schonk, Fyffes Commercial Director Europe. “With our new Exotic range we address consumer interest in deliciously different exotic fruit and vegetables and drive innovation in this category.”

Oscar Dominguez, Business Development Manager Fyffes adds: “The new Fyffes range of exotic fruit and vegetables is specially selected and ethically sourced from favourite farms around the world. Through our long-term commitment to support our growers we provided the structures and took the effort to support our partners archiving the quality standards and certificates to make this exceptional quality range ready for the market and consumer needs.”

The initial range consists of deliciously different banana varieties like baby and red bananas, plantain, avocado and cassava. This range supports a growing trend and extensive independent research in two large European markets has confirmed that consumers are curious to try new products from the exotics category and that the Fyffes brand adds value.

Through its participation at this year’s Fruit Attraction, Fyffes is underlining its offer to work with retail partners to boost consumer engagement. “Through our “Discover More” initiative, we can leverage the company’s long-term grower relationships and commitment to community to tap into the emotional connection consumers have to exotic fruit and vegetables and personalise their path to purchase” concluded Joris Schonk.

Fyffes – the world’s first fruit brand

Fyffes Limited is a leading international importer and distributor of quality tropical produce and mushrooms, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Founded over 130 years ago, Fyffes is the world’s oldest fruit brand. Fyffes has trading, farming and export operations in Europe, North, Central and South America, with long established trading relationships with grower groups in Central and South America. The company’s primary activities include production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples, melons and mushrooms. A commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility is at the heart of the Fyffes brand, which has been recognised with numerous international certifications for best practice in social, environmental and general sustainability issues. Fyffes is the number one importer of bananas and the leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas in Europe, as well as the importer with the world’s highest number of Global G.A.P. certified production partners. Fyffes has been a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation since 2017. (www.fyffes.com)