GEM-Pack & BADP America Sign Sustainable Packaging Initiative

LOI signed to jointly develop eco-friendly, sustainable packaging for strawberries

Los Angeles, CA – GEM-Pack Berries, a premier player in the berry industry, and BADP America, a leader in sustainable packaging innovation, have announced the signing of a letter of intent to jointly develop an eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solution for strawberries. This initiative will leverage microbial induced enzyme additive technology to set new standards in environmental stewardship within the agricultural sector.

For over 70 years, the founding families of GEM-Pack Berries have showcased a commitment to fresh produce excellence and in recent years have been at the forefront of providing fresh, high-quality berries to consumers, while also dedicating efforts to sustainable practices. This new endeavor with BADP America (Bio Accelerated Degradable Plastic) highlights a significant commitment to not only reducing the environmental impact of packaging but also pioneering a path towards more sustainable agricultural practices globally.

“The signing of this letter of intent with BADP America marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards elevated sustainability,” said [Madu Etchandy], VP of Operations of GEM-Pack Berries. “By exploring the use of microbial induced enzyme additive technology in our packaging, we aim to lead by example in the industry, demonstrating that eco-friendly solutions are both viable and essential.”

This announcement aligns with increasing global consciousness regarding plastic pollution and the following international calls for action, including local initiatives like California’s rigorous plastic waste reduction legislation. BADP America brings its expertise in creating sustainable materials to this partnership, offering a promising outlook for the development of a packaging solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also meets the practical needs of consumers and producers alike. The GEM-Pack/BADP collaboration represents a strategic move towards mitigating the environmental footprint of berry packaging on a large scale.

“We are excited to collaborate with GEM-Pack Berries on this groundbreaking project,” commented Shin Sung Ko, CEO of BADP America. “Through the use of microbial induced enzyme additive technology, we are confident that this initiative will not only benefit the environment but also set a new benchmark for sustainability in the packaging industry.”

The signed letter of intent is the first step towards a fruitful collaboration, resulting in the launch of sustainable strawberry containers that reflect a shared commitment to environmental responsibility. The industry and consumers alike eagerly anticipate the positive impact this initiative will have on reducing plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable future.