G&R Farms Debuts New Website

Glennville, GA – G&R Farms, a third-generation family farm and leader in sweet onions, has released a newly updated website highlighting new improvements aligned with their 2023-2024 rebrand. The new design aligns with their goals to tell their family story and transparency and education of how their onions are grown and packed.

Unveiling is continued work in G&R’s efforts to connect with today’s buyers and consumers and share knowledge that helps everyone understand where food comes from and the responsibility we share in producing and consuming.

Since the earliest of days, the onion trailblazers have always worked to distinguish themselves within the fresh produce industry with their commitment to quality and sustainability. Part of their efforts to keep pace with the times has included efforts in production enhancements, sustainability leadership, new packaging technology and even consumer programming including their renowned Growing America’s Farmer cause marketing campaign that has helped raise over $400,000 for students in FFA programs.

The website offers information about G&R sweet onions, including their varieties, availability and flavor profiles. Consumers can also find information on using, storing and preserving sweet onions, along with a variety of inspired recipes for every season.

“There’s nothing special about what we do at G&R. Most realize an onion is an onion, what many don’t realize is the fact that the people are the difference,” remarked Blake Dasher, CEO of G&R Farms. “Every day we all make a choice to get up and do what we do but do it the best we can and keep figuring out ways to do it better, so we can offer the best quality and service our customers expect.”

The new website can be viewed at www.grfarmsonions.com, where anyone can access the most up-to-date happenings on all things G&R Farms and sweet onions.

About G&R Farms
As a third-generation family farm, G&R Farms began in Southeast Georgia with a small farm in 1945.  Today, the organization has grown to over 5,000 acres encompassing several crops with a focus on sweet onions. G&R Farms has been growing, packing, marketing, and shipping sweet onions for nearly eight decades.  The company is dedicated to providing consistent quality year-round while perfecting the quality and flavor of sweet onions through research and development.  For more information visit www.grfarmsonions.com.