Hitchcock Farms Launches New Product, Napa Cabbage Hearts at PMA

Hitchcock Farms is excited to introduce their latest product innovation, Napa Cabbage Hearts at the PMA Foodservice in Monterey last week. Known as the first grower/shipper of Romaine Hearts (under their Garden Hearts brand), and the first to introduce baby iceberg lettuce (Iceberg Babies), Hitchcock Farms is excited about their latest product, Napa Cabbage Hearts. 

Napa Cabbage Hearts are the flavorful salad green you never knew you loved. Tender leafed and mild-flavored, it’s the latest powerhouse food that is ultra-healthy and extra delicious. Similar in texture to a romaine heart, our Napa Hearts have delicate flavor and crisp ruffled leaves, making it great for salads. We also love it for wraps, lettuce cups, tossed in a soup or stir fry, or even grilled or roasted. 

Napa Cabbage is a member of the Brassica family, so it enjoys all of the health benefits of a cruciferous veggie, but with the flavor and texture of a leafy green. Napa Cabbage is even more nutrient dense than kale, ranking 2nd on a nutrient density study by the CDC, while kale ranked 15th

The launch has stirred excitement leading up to the PMA and beyond the show floor.  “Culinary and industry leaders have all expressed immediate enthusiasm upon our presentations and discussions, and eagerness to get on their menus and shelves” said Dan Holt, VP of Sales for Hitchcock Farms.  “We have even been pleasantly surprised by some creative applications and initial feedback.” 

Our Napa Cabbage Hearts are available year-round for our foodservice and retail partners. Instead of going straight for the trendy kale, we think it’s Napa Cabbage’s time to shine! 

For more information please visit www.hitchcockfarms.com