IFG to Transform the Raisin Industry with Dried on the Vine Varieties

Dried on Vine Enables Growers to Skip Labor Intensive Steps and Increases Sustainability and Profitability

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – International Fruit Genetics LLC (IFG), the world’s largest table grape breeder, which boasts over 48 patented table grape varieties and ten patented sweet cherry varieties, has announced that its new patented raisin variety IFG Rais-one is ready to go to market. The company, known for its innovative natural breeding programs leading to some of the some of the world’s most popular and delicious table grapes, has been delving into the raisin sector to breed unique varietals that will transform the raisin market, with a focus on the Dried on Vine (DOV) process. DOV is a process whereby the grapes have been bred to reach a sugar-level point so that it naturally dries on the vine. By growing DOV raisins, growers can cut down on labor-intensive processes such as cane cutting, resulting in increased sustainability and profitability for the industry. 

IFG’s first patented raisin varietal, IFG Rais-one, will be presented at IFG’s Raisin Field Day in August of 2023 where IFG’s Dustin Hooper, Commercial Manager for Raisins, will showcase the fruit’s unique DOV properties. 

“IFG’s raisin breeding program has always been focused on DOV varietals,” said Hooper. “This is our R&D team’s focus when working with raisins, with the goal to streamline the process and save growers costs for labor and inputs. As labor costs continue to grow in California, it is vital that we take this into consideration when developing new varieties.”

Hooper adds that IFG bred several characteristics into the grapes so “…that the grapes would dry JUST enough and in just the right way – not too much or too little.”

“We have been testing IFG-Rais one for the past 36 months and the DOV process has shown incredible promise. For the first time in years, we are able to alleviate several arduous processes that used to take so much time and energy.  Additionally, the quality of the IFG’s raisins will allow growers to stay competitive in an ever-changing world market,” says Austin Hubbell, Farm Management, Marthedal  Enterprises, Inc.

IFG raisin varietals are being grown for consumers, but most are allocated to value-added ag, where processors can use them for breakfast bars, cookies, and other tasty treats.

IFG currently has 25 raisin varietals being tested and observed at Fruitworks | IFG Discovery Center. Three different California growers have planted 15 acres of the IFG Rais-one variety with first fruit coming to market in 2024. . 

The IFG Raisin Field Day will be held on at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 14, 2023 at the Marthedal Farm located at 8180 S Orange Avenue, Fresno CA. Individuals interested in attending should register using the following link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/2d145a26c7984613abd3fe28804db577

For any questions related to the event or the raisin program, please contact Dustin Hooper at dhooper@ifg.world or via phone at +1 661 301 7399.

About IFG:

Headquartered in Bakersfield, Calif., IFG is the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding company. Founded in 2001, the Company is internationally recognized for its top quality, non-GMO fruit varieties in the table grape, cherry and raisin industries that were pioneered by the Company’s co-founder and former Lead Plant Breeder, world-renowned fruit scientist Dr. David Cain. Following Dr. Cain’s retirement, the team is now led by Dr. Chris Owens. IFG patents and licenses its varieties to worldwide marketers and growers, with licensees in 18 countries and its fruit actively marketed in over 30 countries. For more information, visit www.ifg.world.