Innovation Continues to Drive Tozer Seeds Since its Inception in 1944

Santa Maria, CA. — Tozer Seeds, a world leader in vegetable breeding, reflects on its 78 years in the industry. In a small town just southwest of London, England, Tozer was founded on the fundamental principles of great people, exceptional plant breeding, and high-quality seeds. Tozer has since carried these core values and mission to supply the industry with improved vegetable seed varieties to North America.

The company’s ‘American’ arm is based in Santa Maria, California, which allows the branch the opportunity to develop successful long-term relationships across North America. With a small, well-connected team, the lines of communication are short; this permits Tozer to react to consumers’ needs swiftly. While these deep-rooted relationships set Tozer Seed apart, so does their award-winning innovation.

“At Tozer, it’s vital the lines of communication are constantly open between our breeders, product development and sales team from start to finish,“ said Kraig Kuykendall, general manager of Tozer Seeds. “Our tight-knit team across the globe, allows us to predict global market trends and produce world-class varieties to meet the customer’s needs. Exceptional customer service, commitment to innovation, and renowned plant breeding program remain at the heart of our company.”

Tozer Seeds has worked diligently to develop unique and enhanced varieties since 1944. The Tozer breeders’ years of meticulous research and development led to the world’s first commercial F1 celery and parsnip varieties in the 1970s. Since then, through science and innovation, Tozer has developed a multitude of world-class unique varieties including but not limited to leeks, arugula, salad onions, kale, and Kalettes®.

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About Tozer Seeds

Tozer Seeds is the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding company in the U.K.

Tozer Seeds specializes in breeding, production and distribution of quality vegetable seed and is behind the groundbreaking kale and brussels sprouts hybrid vegetable Kalettes®. Tozer Seeds America opened in 2008 and is located in Santa Maria, California.