Danziger Innovation Fest: Redefining Modern Breeding

Danziger is proudly kicking off the 2023 season, as one of the first companies to launch their new breeding lineup. They’re also providing more ways for customers to connect and learn. The company’s annual new varieties launch event will expand this year, bringing information and inspiration to grower partners and customers. The event is also getting a new name: Innovation Fest: 2023 Danziger Debut will include the in-person event at the company’s headquarters in Israel, virtual and in-person meetings with customers and a first-ever webinar series.

Virtual and in-person meetings are being scheduled now. These meetings feature a personalized walk through of all the new varieties, colors, series, and programs.

Your Danziger representative can help you develop a customized growing plan for next season. Contact us to set up a time to review the new 2023 varieties.

Danziger will be offering two new digital learning opportunities as part of Innovation Fest. The company has planned two webinar events with speakers discussing consumer trends. More details will be available soon.

If you’re able to travel, come visit Danziger’s corporate headquarters in Israel. The annual event, formerly known as Novemberfest, runs through that entire month. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at new varieties for 2023 and beyond, with a special emphasis on the secrets behind Danziger’s breeding. Contact us today to start planning your trip.

“Our theme of Innovation highlights the stories behind our technology-driven breeding processes,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “We’re excited to share how unique, Danziger-developed technologies are helping us bring the new varieties growers need, and consumers are asking for, to market much more quickly.” Throughout 2023 Danziger will highlight how proprietary processes allow its researchers to quickly and accurately identify plants with target characteristics. This enables the breeding of unique varieties and shaves years off the breeding process.

Here is a sneak peek at just a few varieties coming to growers in 2023:

SOL SEEKER™ Helianthus Series

One of 2023’s most anticipated introductions is Danziger’s Sol Seeker™ Helianthus series. SOL SEEKER Honey will launch in 2023 with more colors and habits joining the series soon after. This new sunflower series features controlled growth, strong branching and loads of sunny blooms on each plant. Research also shows SOL SEEKER requires less water than other genetics. It’s sure to be a home gardener favorite.

COLIBRI™ Exotic Red Bling Calibrachoa

The newest COLIBRI™ Calibrachoa pairs striking red color with large blooms and a bit of bling. The COLIBRI Bling series features an exciting new star pattern that stands out in the garden. A true head turner, Exotic Red Bling captured a great deal of attention at spring and summer trials. Its controlled growth makes it a well-behaved member of any combo or hanging basket. We love it when paired with CAPELLA™ petunia and VANESSA™ Compact Verbena.

RIMarkable™ Petunia

The deep-violet blooms, looped with a stunning white rim make the new RIMarkable™ Petunia truly remarkable. This new show stopping variety features a trailing habit that makes it a perfect edition to larger premium baskets and combos.

For more information on all the Innovation Fest: 2023 Danziger Debut events, visit DanzigerOnline.com or connect with Danziger team member to schedule a personal review the new varieties for 2023. Contact us today.

About Danziger

Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration, and a spark of imagination, Danziger strives to develop extraordinary flowers to help customers achieve extraordinary success. Danziger is a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding, backed by one of the largest R&D departments in the world. More than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders work to invent new varieties that are more durable, efficient, profitable, and BEAUTIFUL. Nearly 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries benefit from Danziger varieties. Founded in 1953, the family-owned company is committed to bringing personal service to its customers. Danziger employs more than 1,500 people worldwide, with propagation facilities in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia.