6 Danziger Collections that are Changing the Game

Breeding quality flowers requires a delicate mix of art and science. While a creative flair is required to successfully capture the market’s imagination, it’s the science that delivers on those seemingly fantastical promises.

Danziger, a floriculture company that has been bringing innovative offerings to market since its inception in 1953, knows a bit about ornamental alchemy. The process begins with a dedication to breeding for the right genetics.

“Danziger’s approach to innovation is in the breeding, and we do things by necessity,” says Mike Fernandez, Market Manager North America for Danziger. “Normally, Danziger will decide on a model and breed towards that model, with certain parent plants providing the necessary traits. Once the breeders get the model plant, then it’s pretty easy to replicate it with others using embryo rescue and other current techniques.”

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