Top Three Picks from Danziger Open House in Israel

May 17, 2022 Danziger

Danziger invited their customers; growers, buyers, wholesalers, importers and florists from Israel and abroad to discover their latest innovations and to learn about their best seller’s assortment from Danziger experts during their Open House event.

Technology-driven Breeding Coupled with Unparalleled Customer Service Create the Finest Growing Experience

May 9, 2022 Danziger

At Danziger’s Flower Trials, we are proud to showcase this year’s new introductions, featuring bold colors, striking patterns and growth habits to suit every grower. Come see our newest varieties in real, outdoor fields and greenhouses. This year, for your convenience, the Danziger Open House Event, where we celebrate our love for new plants and industry innovations, will be held in two locations.

Danziger Honors and Celebrates Women In The Florist Community

March 7, 2022 Danziger

Every year one day has been set aside to recognize women and to celebrate their social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The day is known as International Women’s Day and this year Danziger decided to focus on the world of floristry and floral design.

‘Danziger Live’ Kicks Off 2022 With A… Bang!

January 19, 2022 Danziger

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Alison Bradley will host the amazing Dutch florist, Hanneke Frankema, at the upcoming ‘Danziger Live’, taking place next Thursday on January 27th at 17:00PM (The Netherlands time). Hanneke will share a series of commercial designs featuring several of Danziger’s products.

Danziger Talks Present: Envision the Vibrant Future of the Green Industry, as Innovations Drive Trends and Lead us Forward to the Prospects of Tomorrow’s Horticulture

December 6, 2021 Danziger

Danziger’s next Webinar, to be held on 8 December, will continue to bring fascinating Danziger Talks specially tailored for you. The goal of these talks is to inspire you with the latest lifestyle trends, offer technological insights, and consider the impact of social media. This valuable wealth of knowledge was designed to help all members of the horticulture industry to better understand the market and drive sales and business by providing practical insights and tools.