Laut Farms Launches Latest Grape Harvest for the Season

Located in Arvin, California, Laut Farms, a renowned table grape grower, is gearing up for its latest shipping season. The company, known for its exceptional range of red, black, and green grape varieties, has been a notable player in the grape industry for over 46 years.

The Arvin-based grape ranch is now shipping their fresh grapes to various regions. “This is the peak time for our greens, and we’re excited to showcase the quality and variety we have to offer,” says Jeff Cook, Director of Sales at Laut Farms.

Among their roster of grapes are the Flames, Sugraone, Ivory, and Summer Royal varieties, which are currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Additionally, the farm has just begun the harvest of their Sweet Globes, expanding their available offerings with the inclusion of Scarlet Royal, Flame, Sugraone, Sweet Globe, and Ivory.

Cook, keen to highlight the farm’s dedication to quality and openness, said, “We’re always eager to let representatives and inspection services experience the quality of our products firsthand. Whether through virtual meetings, in-person visits, or sample shipments, our team is on standby to engage with partners.”

For those keen to delve deeper into Laut Farms’ offerings, the company has made available a comprehensive deck for the year, detailing the varieties they grow and offering a closer look at their operations.

In an era of ever-evolving market dynamics, staying updated on pricing is essential. Recognizing this, Laut Farms extends the offer of daily price lists to interested partners.

For more information or to engage directly with Laut Farms, Jeff Cook, Director of Sales, can be reached at his office line at (661) 854-5404 or directly at (910) 599-4441. Further details are also available on their official website: