Lipman Family Farms Expands Investment in Operations to Meet Growing Demand for Fruits and Vegetables

Strategic investments reaffirm Lipman’s dedication to meet evolving consumer demands

IMMOKALEE, FL – Lipman Family Farms is proud to announce significant investments in vegetable production that will revolutionize their operations and bolster the quality and output of their products. 

In a dynamic industry landscape where consumer preferences continually evolve, Lipman Family Farms remains steadfast in its commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands and increasing consumption of fresh vegetables.

“We recognize when it’s time to invest into more resources so that our team can meet the needs of our customers and consumers alike,” Elyse Lipman, CEO of Lipman Family Farms stated. “With these investments, we will be able to meet consumer demands, enhance our operations, and enforce our position as a reliable partner in the industry.”

The key investments made by Lipman Family Farms include:

Increased Vegetable Acreage in Florida: Lipman has significantly expanded its vegetable and watermelon acreage in Florida, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality vegetables year-round. This expansion enhances their ability to meet consumer demands for fresh produce, no matter the season.

Acquisition of Chapman Fruit Co.: Lipman Family Farms has purchased Chapman Fruit Co., a reputable vegetable packer in Southwest Florida. This strategic move creates additional capacity to accommodate the growing volume of vegetables produced by Lipman in the region, ultimately increasing cooling and packing capabilities to ensure the freshest produce reaches consumers.

Located in Immokalee, Florida, this acquisition provides a 65,000 square-foot packing facility that is conveniently situated near Lipman’s farms in Southwest Florida, allowing for short and efficient local transit. The facility is equipped to handle and store the increased volume of watermelon and vegetables produced by Lipman.

12-Lane AWETA Pepper Packing Machine: Lipman Family Farms has invested in a cutting-edge 12-lane AWETA machine for packing peppers in Florida. This machine expands the vegetable packing capabilities at Lipman’s existing facilities and significantly improves automation efficiencies. It can sort and pack approximately 5,200 cases of peppers per hour and offers various packing capabilities, including DRCs, PLU labeling, and bagging.

“The acquisition of Chapman Produce and the implementation of cutting-edge equipment, such as the AWETA machine, allow us to continue to streamline our operations and improve efficiency,” said Toby Purse, Chief Operating Officer of Lipman Family Farms. “These investments allow us to continue to enhance our operations, become more efficient, and deliver the same quality to our retailers and consumers alike.”

“With the new investments in acreage, equipment and facilities, our team can continue to meet our standard for producing and delivering quality fruits and vegetables,” Purse added. 

Lipman Family Farms is excited to embark on this new phase of growth and innovation, as they continue to meet the evolving needs of their consumers.

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