Little Leaf Farms Files to Trademark Signature Curve of its Baby Crispy Green Leaf Lettuce

DEVENS, Mass. — Little Leaf Farms, the country’s #1 brand of packaged lettuce sustainably grown through controlled environment agriculture (CEA), today announced it has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to officially trademark the biological morphology, aka shape, of its Baby Crispy Green Leaf lettuce. The application to trademark refers to the lettuce’s signature shape, a rounded curve leading into the ruffled edges of the leafy greens.

Delighting lettuce-lovers throughout the East Coast, the instantly recognizable shape is described by its fans as playful, curvaceous and stunningly bright green. Beyond the distinctive shape, Baby Crispy Green Leaf is known for its fresh, crisp crunch thanks to Little Leaf Farms’ advanced greenhouse technologies and commitment to local delivery within 24 hours from harvest.

“We’re proud of what we do here at Little Leaf Farms and consistent consumer feedback tells us that our fans love ‘spotting’ us on restaurant menus and in the produce aisles due to the unmistakable shape of our Baby Crispy Green Leaf variety,” said Lindsay Hardie, Vice President of Marketing at Little Leaf Farms. “Consumers have told us time and time again that our lettuce has forever changed their feelings about salad for the better, and that’s why we’re celebrating our unique, showstopping curvy shape this National Salad Month.”

Big Salad Energy for May’s National Salad Month
From main dishes to side salads, the role of lettuce can be extremely versatile and Little Leaf Farms wants to encourage Americans to dream and think “bigger” and bolder about their salads.

May is National Salad Month and to inspire consumers to take their salads to the next level, Little Leaf Farms is launching a “Big Salad Energy” digital resource page with recipes and tips for enjoying the brand’s leafy greens in a big way.

Little Leaf Farms is also celebrating with a National Salad Month sweepstakes on the @littleleaffarms Instagram running through May 31st, 2023, where consumers can enter to win a year of free lettuce, grocery gift cards and other fun accessories to build their own big and tasty salads at home.

“Lettuce is the true workhorse of any salad, serving as a key base for just about any ingredient imaginable. There’s nothing better than a giant salad bowl overflowing with fresh greens and all of your favorite toppings,” continued Hardie. “The bountiful shape and great taste of our leafy greens speak for themselves, and we’re celebrating them as a main character all month long with ways to encourage consumers to enjoy BIG and flavorful salads.”

Little Leaf Farms began growing lettuce in its first greenhouse in Devens, Mass. in 2016 and has since expanded its operations to Pennsylvania, with additional plans to continue expansion over the next five years. Little Leaf Farms is now the #1 brand of packaged CEA lettuce in the U.S., as well as the #3 brand of all packaged lettuce in the Northeast. In addition to its Baby Crispy Green Leaf, the brand offers Baby Red & Green Leaf, Baby Spring Mix, and its newest lettuce variety, Sweet Baby Butter.

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About Little Leaf Farms
Little Leaf Farms is on a mission to transform the way food is grown through peri-urban agricultural practices that are rebuilt for the modern world. Using advanced greenhouse technologies, Little Leaf Farms is growing fresh, sustainably farmed lettuce 365 days a year. Little Leaf Farms utilizes captured rainwater, natural sunlight that shines through high transmission glass, and solar-powered energy in their precise, soil-less hydroponic farming. The crispy, flavorful baby greens are harvested without ever touching human hands and are never treated with chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. For more information, visit or @littleleaffarms.