Markon Cooperative Offers Update on Fire Effects in California’s Salinas Valley

More than 2.1 million acres of California now have active wildfires burning on them. Combined with fires burning in Oregon and Washington, there is a tremendous amount of smoke hanging over California.

The current north by northeast winds are combining the marine layer with the smoke, creating an eerie, smoky, and dark orange sky across the entire Salinas Valley.

  • Light ash is again falling to the floor of the Salinas Valley, creating another build up of ash across vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Some harvesting crews need to work with lights for safety reasons, as well as to help the crew members have a better view of the crops.
  • Harvesting delays may occur if conditions force crews to halt production due to health concerns.

Please see the Cal Fire website showing active fires in California:

Photo Caption: Markon showing smoke in the fields and ash in a head of romaine lettuce. Credit to Markon Cooperative.