Measure to Improve Adds New Staff

SALINAS, CA – Measure to Improve, the fresh produce industry’s go-to sustainability experts, announced the additions of Gabe Worthington and Melissa Wright to their full-time staff, both of whom participated in Measure to Improve’s apprenticeship program. Measure to Improve also welcomes Cheri Chastain as a part-time strategic advisor, leveraging her extensive experience and leadership in sustainability.

Gabe Worthington joined Measure to Improve as an apprentice in May 2023 and impressed the team with his dedication and expertise. He was instrumental in supporting numerous projects, including buyer surveys and assisting specialty crop producers with their sustainability efforts. Gabe is finishing his M.S. in Soil Science at Chico State and is transitioning to a full-time Sustainability Program manager role, bringing his research on cover crops and passion for global food systems to Measure to Improve.

Melissa Wright also joined Measure to Improve in May 2023 as an apprentice after graduating from UC Berkeley with a focus on environmental policy. Her contributions to various projects, including third-party certifications and sustainable packaging, earned her a well-deserved promotion to Sustainability Program Associate. Melissa’s passion for social justice and environmental solutions will help back Measure to Improve’s high-level client support.

“Launching our apprenticeship program has been an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Nikki Cossio. “Not only have we been able to cultivate talented individuals like Gabe and Melissa, but we’ve also gained fresh perspectives and valuable insights that have benefited our entire team and, in turn, our clients. Seeing their hard work and dedication culminate in full-time positions is a testament to the program’s success, and I’m excited to see the impact they’ll continue to make at Measure to Improve. We’re committed to fostering the next generation of sustainability leaders, and this program represents that.”

Cheri Chastain brings over 17 years of sustainability leadership to Measure to Improve as a part-time strategic advisor. Cheri’s track record in carbon neutrality, climate resilience, and community engagement spans the public and private sectors. Her expertise in program implementation, policy leadership, and board experience will be incredibly valuable as Measure to Improve continues to grow.

 “Having known Nikki for years, I’ve witnessed Measure to Improve’s impressive growth and leadership in sustainability. My diverse experience aligns perfectly with their mission, and I’m excited to contribute as a strategic advisor,” noted Cheri Chastain.

This year marks a decade of groundbreaking work for Measure to Improve, which was founded in 2014 when sustainability wasn’t even on the radar for many. The strategic additions of Gabe, Melissa, and Cheri will help support the company’s next chapter as Measure to Improve sets its sights on the future. Its renewed focus on innovation, industry-wide impact, and uncompromising client customer service will take center stage. Now more than ever, the company is poised to foster positive change and collaborative partnerships within the fresh produce industry for years to come.

 About Measure to Improve:

Founded in 2014, Measure to Improve’s (MTI) mission is to help produce companies measure, improve, and credibly promote their sustainability efforts. Our clients include produce growers, packers, shippers, and industry associations. MTI emphasizes the need to address sustainability holistically, using a triple-bottom-line approach that encourages companies to consider their environmental impact, social practices, and the long-term economic viability of their operation. Our staff has a proven track record of identifying and implementing strategies that increase sustainability and are in line with the client’s corporate culture and strategy. MTI supports clients in setting ambitious but attainable sustainability goals and encourages progress that can be validated and marketed. Project topics include water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and social accountability.