Misionero Unveils Rebrand For Green Wave Farms

GONZALES, Calif. – Misionero, a leading grower of organic leafy greens, announces the rebrand of its fresh-cut vegetable line, Green Wave Farms. This Misionero line of freshly prepared vegetables now has a distinct design, new label and logo that will be unveiled at the 2019 Organic Produce Summit in July, and is now being transitioned on to retail shelves.

Misionero has seen tremendous growth over the years for convenient, healthy products. The rebranded packaging for Green Wave Farms works to meet the convenience need by designing applicable packaging to not only be microwavable, but also includes quick step-by-step prep guides to elevate ease-of-use. The Green Wave line is also expanding into complete kits to further extend the convenience of these products.

The Sauté Kits come in two varieties, Brussels Sprouts and Green Beans. Each contain four ingredients and list just six simple steps for cooking. Additional ingredients are items that can be found in the everyday home cook’s pantry, with prepping instructions designed to only take a few minutes before it’s ready to serve.

Specializing in organic produce and freshly prepared products, the line currently offers trimmed Green Beans, Brussels sprouts, Mixed Squash, Sugar Snap Peas, Butternut Squash, Snow Peas and Celery. The new label was designed to freshen up the look of the packaging, and also to create a familiar, cohesive identity among the Misionero brand and product lines. The label will feature bold, vibrant colors that are distinct for each product and will catch shopper eyes and increase brand recognition.

“Misionero is constantly incorporating creative energy into our brands,” said Nicole Zapata, marketing manager of Green Wave Farms. “This rebrand will better align itself with Misionero, and offer packaging that customers and consumers can quickly recognize.”

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About Misionero

Misionero, founded in 1973 by Floyd Griffin, is a leader in the organic specialty salad category. Misionero harvests, produces and ships, quality vegetables grown year-round. Additionally, the company produces products sold under the Earth Greens Organic, Garden Life, and Green Wave Farms label. For more information, visit https://www.misionero.com/