MountainKing Boosts Social Media Presence as Fresh Potato Sales Soar During Health Crisis

HOUSTON, TX – Amidst calls for social distancing, the temporary elimination of restaurant in-room dining and other measures, families have rediscovered the versatility and value of fresh potatoes, a trend that has MountainKing Potatoes stepping up its social media presence to best align with its grocer partners.

“We’ve seen a huge spike in all our varieties,” notes John Pope, MountainKing’s vice president of sales and marketing.  “In times like these, shoppers gravitate to simplicity, ease of preparation and products that help stretch their dollar.”

As value, versatility and ease of preparation remain top of mind among those focused on meal preparation during the stay-at-home orders, MountainKing is ramping up its social media efforts to remind shoppers of the healthful benefits of fresh potatoes.  The company’s initial Facebook and Instagram campaign touts “more energy-packed than any other popular vegetable” and “more potassium than a banana.”  Campaigns will be launched geographically to announce specific retail availability. 

“Our sense is the message will strike a chord with shoppers who may have otherwise looked past fresh potatoes in lieu of another side dish option,” Pope says.  

He adds MountainKing currently has an ample supplies of its Steakhouse Roasters, the slender, thin skin, tubular-shaped fresh potatoes variety that require no peeling and cook up fast to create steakhouse-quality, oven-baked wedge fries.  

The Texas-based company also continues to fill orders of its smaller, pre-sized, Baby Golds.  Earlier this year, MountainKing launched a new merchandising program for its baby potatoes with high-graphic sell bins.  Single pan, 30-minute recipes for fish, steak and chicken and display-ready sleeves also are available.