National Opal Apples Day is December 9th

Washington – Fruit lovers have a new holiday to celebrate!  December 9th, 2022 commemorates the inaugural National Opal Apples Day, officially recognized on With a vivid bright yellow appearance, unique crunch, and sweet and tangy flavor, Opal® apples stand out in the orchard.

Opal® apples are a cross between a Golden Delicious apple and a Topaz apple, but beyond its flavor and hue, this extraordinary apple boasts natural non-browning properties, a unique attribute allowing this sunny fruit to remain fresh and crunchy long after cutting. Opals® can be left sliced for hours and won’t turn brown.

Opal® apples were discovered in Europe in 1999 and are exclusively sold by FirstFruits Farms in North America. More recently, this certified organic, non-GMO apple is one of the most sought-after on the market.  Today, Opal® apples are also known as “The Apple That Gives Back” by sponsoring the Youth Make a Difference grant initiative, addressing food insecurities in communities nationwide.

“Opals® and family time are the highlight of our holiday season,” said Chuck Zeutenhorst, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, FirstFruits Farms. “Now there is an entire day designated to celebrating Opals® and we encourage you to share them with your family, so they can enjoy them as much as we do.”

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Grown exclusively in the United States by FirstFruits Farms in Washington, Opal® apples are a cross between a Topaz apple and a Golden Delicious apple boasting a sweet and tart flavor with a significant crunch — plus, it’s one of the few naturally non-browning and non-GMO apples! For more information on Opal® apples visit


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