NatureSweet Announces Launch of New Dulce Italiano Peppers

San Antonio, TX — NatureSweet® ( is the single source solution for greenhouse grown vegetables. NatureSweet® will launch the sweetest new veggie, the NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers on November 25, 2020.

All sweet and none of that heat! With 8,000 full-time, hardworking Associates, NatureSweet® has launched Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers. Like all peppers, NatureSweet’s offer that satisfying crunch and healthy perks, but instead of spice ‘n’ heat, the Dulce Italianos are just as sweet as can be. Perfect for incorporating into a variety of meals morning, noon or night.

Noted television food & lifestyle expert Chadwick Boyd is partnering with the NatureSweet® team to launch the new NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers. Boyd has crafted delicious recipes bursting with flavor such as a pomodoro pasta and quick-roasted peppers with soft scrambled eggs. Boyd is also featured on the Dulce Italiano Sweet Pepper package. “Our kitchens and tables just got a whole lot sweeter!,” said Boyd. “These NatureSweet Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers are the sweetest I have ever cooked with. Unlike other peppers, you can cook the Dulce Italianos for any meal and occasion – breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Aldi shoppers can start with my four new recipes on”

This special launch will take place only at Aldi Stores in the West Palm Beach, Florida area — but stay tuned as NatureSweet® begins to launch into additional stores across the United States. For more information about the new NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers product, visit

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About NatureSweet®

NatureSweet® is the single source solution for greenhouse grown vegetables driven by the leading and best tasting brand in tomatoes. Always vine-nurtured and hand-picked at the peak of freshness, only NatureSweet® produce guarantees great taste all year round. NatureSweet® produce is carefully grown, harvested, and packaged by more than 8,000 full-time Associates, and are sold at major grocers, mass retailers, club stores and food service operators in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Known for amazing Associates, award-winning quality, and innovative packaging, NatureSweet® is also committed to having a positive social, environmental and economic impact on the communities in which they operate.