New Mango Quality Meter From Felix Instruments Aims to Revolutionize Mango Harvests Worldwide

A new meter will be launched that guarantees ZERO fruit destruction and better crop analysis for mango growers and distributors worldwide.

The Mango Quality Meter, which measures dry matter and Brix in seconds, is considered a disrupter for an industry that has traditionally depended on labour-intensive methods, and the destruction of many volumes of fruit.

Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science has developed the Mango Quality Meter, which integrates with FruitMaps® – a crop mapping application, that makes easier monitoring of mango crops in a non-invasive, non-destructive way.

“I am extremely excited about this new tool, both for growers and distributors,” Scott Trimble, Marketing Director for Felix Instruments, said. “This is a significant technological advancement for the worldwide mango industry.”

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