Oppy Increases Foothold in Peru With 50% Share of Leading Produce Company Agroretail

Expanding on its extensive presence in agricultural powerhouse Peru, Oppy has recently acquired a 50% share in Agroretail, one of the foremost produce suppliers in the country.

The move solidifies Oppy’s well-established presence in the emerging source country, in which the leading grower, marketer and distributor has been operating in for more than 15 years. The strategic investment aims to bolster Oppy’s export services from Peru to other key global markets.

“Even during these uncertain times, we’re continuing to balance our short-term goals with our long-term strategic vision,” Oppy’s Chairman, CEO & Managing Partner John Anderson said. “Our new partnership with Agroretail adeptly bridges the gap between these two equally important objectives, and will enable us to reach new markets and customers, by doing what we do best: growing the top-quality assortment of fruit that meets the needs of the market.”

Oppy currently imports avocados, blueberries, grapes, citrus products, mangoes, ginger, and pomegranates from Peru. The partnership with Agroretail will further develop Oppy’s supply to retail and wholesale accounts in Peru on a wide range of items.

“Agroretail has been an incredibly reliable partner of Oppy for many years, so in many ways this new agreement is an extension of our tried and trusted relationship,” Agroretail’s General Manager Francisco Avendaño said. “We are proud of the work that we have done together and look forward to leveraging the great growth potential in several key categories in the years ahead.”

The investment enhances Oppy as a turn-key provider of fresh produce in this important developing market, adding to its existing international presence.

About Oppy

Growing, marketing and distributing fresh produce from around the globe for more than 160 years, Vancouver, BC-based Oppy discovers and delivers the best of the world’s harvest. With over 50 million boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on every continent moving through its supply chain annually, Oppy offers popular favorites from avocados and berries to apples and oranges year-round, alongside innovative seasonal specialties. Over the years, Oppy has introduced North Americans to a number of items across its diverse produce range, including Granny Smith, JAZZ and Envy apples, as well as green and gold kiwifruit. Go to oppy.com to learn more.

About Agroretail

Agroretail aspires to become one of the main suppliers of fresh fruits in the Peruvian retail market, focusing domestically on key categories such as citrus, mangos and grapes. Agroretail also imports products such as pipfruit, kiwifruit, stone fruit, grapes, citrus and others. By maintaining strategic alliances with the main fruit producers and exporters in the domestic market as well as with foreign suppliers, Agroretail aims to guarantee its customers year-round supply, competitive prices and high-quality fruit. Agroretail is also a procurement service platform for partners in North America as well as internationally.