Lef Farms Greens Find Yet Another Home

You’ve come to love the delicious flavor of lef greens, and now you can find our blends of fresh, healthy greens at more than 200 of the Stop & Shop locations all over Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. They’re grown on our farm just a few miles away, and they’re on the shelves at Stop & Shop within 24 hours of harvest, which makes them fresher and tastier than greens shipped from Arizona or California. And our cold-harvest process keeps our greens fresher longer once they’re in your fridge.

So which of our unique blends can you now find at Stop & Shop? We’re talking our buttery Smooth blend, our zesty Spice mix, our Fusion greens that join unique flavor with a slightly crunchier texture. And don’t forget our newest variety, Crisp, that gives you a fresh leaf lettuce with a bright flavor and a crunchy bite.

There’s another reason we’re so excited to be part of the Stop & Shop family. They’ve taken big steps to support regional food banks during the pandemic by raising 1.3 million dollars for hunger relief, and we’ve worked closely with them to provide over a quarter of a million dollars of our fresh baby greens to front-line healthcare workers in major hospitals across New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. As a local, family-run New England area business, this strong sense of community is something we hold near and dear to our hearts, and we’re glad Stop & Shop carries that same passion. lef-farms.com