Duncan Family Farms Is First to Install Innovative Irrigation Water Treatment System

Goodyear, AZ — Duncan Family Farms, a leading family-owned, multi-regional grower of over 7,000 acres of certified organic produce, today announced the installation of a highly effective, controllable and transportable treatment system for irrigation water.

The installation, including 5 systems on organic baby tender leaf crops in Oregon, represents the first agricultural use of water treatment systems from Germany’s Kuntze Instruments, a leading global supplier of industrial water treatment and process control equipment. “We take the health of our soil, along with the safety of our employees and products, very seriously,” said Jeremy Vanderzyl, Duncan Family Farms Director of Technical Services. “We were looking for the best solution to safely meet the recently adopted Leafy Greens Marketing Association (LGMA) sanitation requirements for irrigation water, and Kuntze presented impressive technology that could positively impact our growing operations and the entire fresh produce industry.”

Duncan Family Farms’ new water treatment system includes sensors for real-time monitoring and management of chlorine, pH levels and temperature in surface-sourced irrigation water. The application of chlorine is automatically adjusted to maintain the optimum levels for water treatment. This prevents the over-application of chlorine which is often seen in manual applications, reducing chlorine use and related costs, while protecting the rich organic soil and employees from hazardous chlorine exposure. The system is connected to Kuntze’s Cloud Connect® service, providing Duncan with real-time information, alerts and control to remotely manage their system from any Wi-Fi connected device.

“Our Cloud Connect data tool and industrial process control systems are perfectly suited for agriculture irrigation water sanitization application providing 24/7 key information for an efficient operation,” said Andrew Barker, President at Kuntze USA. “Once a field is harvested, the compact, self-contained units can be easily moved to another field, saving the capital costs of a permanent installation.”

“Once we understood Duncan’s needs for a portable, cost effective solution for irrigation water treatment, we were able adapt Kuntze’s existing technology into a compact, integrated package utilizing Axiall’s Tablet Chlorination Equipment that can withstand the rigors of a farm operation while maintaining chemistry levels to strict tolerances.” Said TG Bles, General Manager of Industrial Service & Supply. “We now have a great solution for any farm operation that needs to sanitize their irrigation water before harvest.”

Duncan is a leader in large-scale organic innovation. Their experiment of on-site composting has become one of the largest privately-owned composting operations in the Southwest United States, accepting green waste from several local municipalities, landscapers, dairies, and ranches. “Irrigation treatment is still a young concept with much of the research and development laden upon the grower. Ensuring crops are safe for consumers, and without harming the soil, is such an important issue to the industry and we are committed to sharing our experiences and sources with other growers.” Vanderzyl concluded.

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About Duncan Family Farms:
Duncan Family Farms is a family-owned, multi-regional grower of over 7,000 acres of certified organic produce, specializing in baby lettuces, greens, kale and herbs using sustainable, state-of-the-art farming practices. Founded in 1985 by Arnott and Kathleen Duncan, the company is one of the largest growers of organic produce, nationally recognized for their environmentally-sensitive farming techniques and premium-quality fresh vegetables. To learn more, visit duncanfamilyfarms.com.

About Kuntze Instruments:
The name Kuntze has always stood for analytical instrumentation. Kuntze is a family-owned business in its third generation, founded in 1945. With in-house production of electrochemical sensors and complete measurement solutions, Kuntze continuously enhances the standard for analytical instrumentation in Europe, North America and large parts of Asia. Today, more than 75 years later, innovation and tradition are the value drivers of the company. Kuntze is still – very intentionally – Made in Germany. The company headquartered in Meerbusch is constantly investing in the development of new water analysis technology. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Further information is available at kuntzeusa.com.