Pacific Trellis Fruit ‘Delivers’ For Upcoming Mexican Grapes Season

Los Angeles, California – For the 2019 grape season, Mexico estimates exports to be up 34% over 2018. “Pacific Trellis Fruit has been among the Top 5 importers from the Latin American region for several years now and we are well-positioned to leverage that improved outlook for our retail partners,” comments General Manager Josh Leichter, and explains: “We are the grower and shipper for the majority of our conventional grape volume. The remainder is sourced from partners we have worked with for 10 or more years – so we are well-positioned to service our customers during the Mexico import season.”

While conventionally grown grapes still make up the majority of sales, organic varieties continue to gain sales and market share. Several years ago, Pacific Trellis Fruit started developing their own organic program. In 2019 this program will yield 200,000 boxes of organic red, green and black grapes.

To ensure premium quality and steady supplies, dedicated Pacific Trellis staff is on the ground the entire time. Explains Earl McMenamin, Mexico Program Manager at Pacific Trellis Fruit: “We own the value chain end-to-end, from sourcing and growing to quality assurance and shipping. We can offer maximum control – and, with it, the ability to design custom programs that make sense for any customer. Customer service is essential for our success, and the success of our partners.”

Leichter added: “It’s fair to say we know the ins and outs of the import grape business. Simply put, we have deep expertise and long-standing relationships in Mexico and other regions. That experience allows us to build strong programs around guaranteed volumes – for conventional and organic grapes.”

About Pacific Trellis Fruit / Dulcinea Farms:

Established in 1999, Pacific Trellis Fruit is one of North America’s top year-round growers, packers and marketers of premium fresh fruit, including grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, pears, and citrus. With the acquisition of Dulcinea Farms in 2014, Pacific Trellis Fruit added PureHeart® mini seedless watermelons, Tuscan Style™ Cantaloupe and SunnyGold® yellow mini seedless watermelon amongst other premium melons to its portfolio. Pacific Trellis Fruit is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA – with sales offices in Fresno, CA, Gloucester, NJ and Nogales, AZ