Pete Pappas & Sons Transitions to the Next Generation

Pete Pappas, who has led Pete Pappas & Sons as CEO for nearly 50 years, becomes Chairman of the Board as he hands his role down to his sons. Gus and Aris Pappas now share the role of co-CEO, with their cousin Paul Pappas becoming President (as of September 1, 2020). 

Over the decades, Pete has led the company through 3 major warehouse moves which have expanded business operations, product lines and more than tripled the employee base. As the company has grown, he has overseen their expansion into farming, organics and green business as championed by Gus, Aris and Paul. 

Pete says “After almost 50 years I’m so proud of what we have accomplished together. Pete Pappas & Sons is highly regarded as one of the premier produce distributors in the country and we are positioned for continued success. It is time for me to pass the torch on in the Pappas family.”

Like his father and grandfather before him, he is passing along the company into the accomplished and capable hands of the next generation. While running the company effectively, his sons and cousin also explore new business opportunities and expansions, furthering the Pappas family legacy. 

Throughout his time in the produce industry, Pete Pappas has been a successful businessman, mentor, colleague and friend to many.