Serving Up Avo-Audits @ PMA Fresh Summit 2019

Murrieta, CA – Heading into the final stretch before PMA Fresh Summit 2019, the sales and marketing team at West Pak Avocado is in high gear. Spearheading many of the efforts for the event is Vice President of Sales & Business Development Joe Nava, a recent hire to the Murrieta, California based grower, packer, shipper, and distributor of premium avocados. In his new role, Nava is heavily involved with the leadership and development of West Pak’s sales and business development team and is a key contributor to the company’s marketing, research, and development campaigns.

For PMA Fresh Summit 2019, Nava and the entire team are excited about unveiling a new exhibit and showcasing their highly successful bagged avocado program and retail-supporting Avo-Opportunities marketing offerings. The team is also looking forward to offering Regional Category Reviews or what they affectionately call Avo-Audits.

When explaining the moniker, Nava elaborated, “At West Pak, we can team up with key customers to help them grow their business in the avocado category in different ways. Rather than just offering the enticement of promotional pricing, we’re looking to help drive consumption at the consumer level and increase a retailer’s foot traffic in the produce section.”

Nava continued, “Fresh Summit is the perfect opportunity to sit down with our customers and do a Regional Category Review. That’s where we help drive the avocado category by identifying and actively targeting what motivates consumption in their region. For example: do their customers prefer a size 60 avocado or a size 40, or can they drive sales by adding bagged avocados? We dive right into what the consumer wants and work with them to come up with ways to help promote and engage with their target audience.”

Designed to help support retailers West Pak’s Avo-Opportunities program provides effective packaging, point of sale, marketing, sales, and educational materials. There are also outreach and social media programs to connect with regional talent such as chefs, nutritionists, or influencers to create an engaging promotional campaign that appeals to a retailer’s target demographic.

“At West Pak, we work very hard to fulfill our customer’s needs so that they are feeding what their customers want. Avo-Audits are the first step to getting there!”

To meet Joe Nava or any member of the sales and marketing team at PMA Fresh Summit 2019, reach out for an appointment or come by to say hello at booth #1577.

About West Pak Avocado

West Pak Avocado is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly growing, packing, shipping, and distributing premium avocados for 35+ years. Their commitment to quality represents not only the produce they sell and how they respect the land but also to the way in which business is conducted. A leading force in the avocado industry, West Pak Avocado is devoted to upholding the highest ethical trading practices and proudly takes an active role in helping to ensure the vitality of the produce business. For more information, please visit