Smallhold Mushrooms Continue West Coast Expansion with Sprouts Farmers Markets

LOS ANGELES–Smallhold, leaders in organic specialty mushrooms, announced today that their California-grown mushrooms are hitting shelves at 192 Sprouts Farmers Markets locations across California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The expansion with Sprouts significantly increases availability of Smallhold’s highly coveted fresh mushrooms on the West Coast, joining top retailers including Whole Foods MarketErewhonPavilionsLassen’s, Imperfect Foods, Mother’s Market, and Ralphs. With expansion into Sprouts, Smallhold mushrooms can now be found in over 650 retailers and restaurants across the US.

The average US produce aisle is dominated by button, crimini and portobellos, ignoring an entire kingdom (literally, fungi is a kingdom!) of texture, flavor, and nutrition. Smallhold brings increased choice to consumers by making specialty mushroom varieties including Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Yellow Oyster, and King Oyster easier to access on grocery store shelves.

“Nowadays, shoppers are demanding more variety and choice in the produce aisle, and Sprouts, a trusted grocer for anyone looking for high quality, top-shelf produce, recognizes this,” said Andrew Carter, Smallhold CEO and Co-founder. “People care about low impact, sustainably grown food that will help our society contend with the impacts of traditional agriculture, food waste, and climate change. Smallhold and Sprouts are answering the call.”

Smallhold’s 34,000 sq ft farm in Vernon, California—less than a mile outside of Downtown Los Angeles– began delivering locally grown, USDA Certified Organic specialty mushrooms back in May 2022. Their California operations, alongside existing farms in Brooklyn and Austin, furthers the six-year-old company’s mission to change minds with mushrooms across the country.

“We’re excited to partner with Smallhold, a company who shares in our mission of providing people unique, fresh and sustainable products,” said Sydney Manzano, Sprouts Assistant Produce Manager. “Smallhold’s premium specialty mushrooms, including Lion’s Mane and Blue Oyster, will be proudly available in our stores.”

In addition to increasing access to one of the most sustainable sources of nutrition (hint: it’s mushrooms), Smallhold’s mission is to use mushrooms to change the way people think about their environment, sustainability and biodiversity. Smallhold is carving out a new category opportunity for mushroom farming and making a significant impact on how Americans eat: Smallhold’s goal is to feed 3 million people in 2023.

Smallhold uses technology and innovation for optimal growing and sustainable practices. The mushrooms grow in technologically advanced chambers designed to optimize yield, taste, and color. Smallhold’s centralized sensor system can adjust the chambers’ atmospheric parameters, controlling all of the inputs while accounting for changes in climate. Taking it even further, Smallhold mushrooms are grown off waste byproducts (primarily sawdust from the timber industry) and packed into compostable cardboard. Smallhold estimates its annual carbon footprint is 750 metric tons smaller than that of animal proteins, and even 30% lower than other commercial mushroom farms.

Los Angeles mushroom lovers can also get their fix at the growing number of restaurants featuring Smallhold mushrooms on their menus, including BotanicaGjelinaRustic Canyongrá, and more.

About Smallhold

Smallhold is a growing network of organic mushroom farms with operations in Brooklyn, Austin, Los Angeles, and beyond. Named one of Fast Company’s 2023 Most Innovative Companies, Smallhold is upending the traditional farming model. By operating urban farms in strategic regions, growing mushrooms on byproducts from other industries, and exclusively using compostable cardboard packaging, Smallhold reduces overall food miles traveled, improves product quality, and extends shelf life, all while drastically reducing carbon footprint, food waste, and plastic usage.

Smallhold products can be found in top retailers across the country including Whole Foods Market, Central Market, Safeway-Albertsons, FreshDirect, Imperfect Foods, and Misfits Market as well as some of the nation’s most exciting restaurant kitchens. Full list of stockists and restaurants can be found here. You can also watch mushrooms grow onsite in Smallhold Minifarms found inside restaurants, grocery stores, and nonprofits.

Smallhold prioritizes understanding the unique needs of each community they operate within. This has resulted in soil remediation programs, educational tours, food donation programs, artistic collaborations, and more. Local organizations interested in utilizing spent mushroom substrate for community gardens, mycology education programs, permaculture projects or other partnership opportunities are encouraged to reach out to

About Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.

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