Summer Temperatures Brings Fresh Organic Harvests to Pacific Trellis Fruit

LOS ANGELES, CA – Founded in 1999, Pacific Trellis Fruit is one of the nation’s top year-round growers, shippers, and marketers of premium fresh fruit. In 2014, the renowned brand Dulcinea Farms joined Pacific Trellis Fruit, amplifying their product line of conventional and organic premium fruits such as melons and grapes. This summer season is bringing an increased supply of their high-flavor organic varieties, which the company plans to highlight at the upcoming Organic Produce Summit.

“Our organic melon varieties are abundant this summer season,” said Howard Nager, director of marketing and business development for Pacific Trellis Fruit. “As consumer favorites, our Organic PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelon and Organic Tuscan-Style Cantaloupes are sweet, flavorful, and packed with nutrition, perfect for summertime.”

The organic Dulcinea PureHeart melon, the original mini seedless watermelon, is available through the beginning of November, alongside the organic Tuscan-Style cantaloupe, which is available through September. Both melons are harvested from Mexico, Arizona, and California and are on shelves nationwide.

“In addition to Dulcinea melons, we are currently sourcing red, green, and black grapes from Mexico through June, continuing into the first half of July,” states Nager. “We plan to have a limited amount of green and red organics this summer from California, but plan to follow up with all colors of organic availability from Peru in the first quarter of 2023.”

Pacific Trellis Fruit will be attending the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, California, July 13-14. The company CEO, Josh Leichter, will be a panelist during the educational session Private Label vs. Consumer Brand: The Competition for Shelf Space. The Pacific Trellis team will be on hand to discuss the many opportunities for organic melons and grapes this season at booth #812.

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About Pacific Trellis Fruit 

Pacific Trellis Fruit is one of North America’s top year-round growers and importers of premium fresh fruit, including melons, grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines, citrus, and cherries. We partner with growers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Uruguay, as well as domestic farmers across the United States. Our corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA, with sales offices in Fresno, CA, Gloucester, NJ, and Tucson, AZ. Pacific Trellis owns and manages the renowned Dulcinea® brand. Dulcinea® is the pioneer of the PureHeart personal seedless melons as well as the Tuscan Style Cantaloupe, and Pacific Trellis has recently expanded the brand to pack grapes, citrus, and cherries. In 2020, Pacific Trellis fruit became the exclusive marketer and distributor of the KISS line of melons. For more information on Pacific Trellis Fruit, visit For more information on the Dulcinea® brand, visit