SUNRAYS Wins Eco Excellence Award

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.’s SUNRAYS Mandarin BIO bags has been named the 2021 Eco Excellence Award for Best Snack for its in novative, sustainable packaging.

The netting used in the SUNRAYS Mandarin BIO bags are made 100% from beechwood, which is recovered from the thinning of FSC®– or PEFC-certified forests. The beechwood is then transformed into spun-dyed modal fibers in compliance with the strictest environmental standards and with a zero-carbon footprint. The netting will biodegrade within 12 weeks of disposal and are also certified home compostable.

Now in its eleventh year, the Eco Excellence Awards recognize leaders in social and environmental sustainability for products, services and organizations committed to healthier approaches to living. The SUNRAYS Mandarin BIO bags give shoppers and retailers a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic netting that we find in the majority of citrus products packed today.

“This win is attributed to our supporters and cheerleaders for impact who have asked us and the industry to provide a truly sustainable packaging solution for packaged produce,” said John Paap, Brand Manager at Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. “I can’t help but get excited every time I talk about this netting. The story behind it is just so amazing from the beginning stages of the raw material all the way to when it is disposed of and returned to the earth. Even better still, the unit cost for this package versus the traditional packaging is the same so the shopper can make a meaningful, positive impact on the environment without spending more at the cash register.”

In addition to packing their SUNRAYS brand mandarins in BIO bags, Jac. Vandenberg also offers the use of this packaging for their other citrus commodities such as oranges and lemons. To learn more about the BIO bags, please contact Jac. Vandenberg via email at or call 914-964-5900.