SUNRAYS Grapes to Shine Even Brighter in Year 2

October 6, 2021 Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc., the Tarrytown-based fresh produce importer and marketer, is gearing up for an exciting second year for its SUNRAYS® grape brand. After a successful debut, SUNRAYS® grapes is announcing several new developments to its 2021-2022 program which officially starts next month.

SUNRAYS Wins Eco Excellence Award

August 3, 2021 Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.’s SUNRAYS Mandarin BIO bags has been named the 2021 Eco Excellence Award for Best Snack for its in novative, sustainable packaging.

SUNRAYS is a Finalist in 2021 Eco-Excellence Awards

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. is honored to have its SUNRAYS® Mandarin BIO bags selected as one of the Finalists in the Snack Category in NCW Magazine’s 2021 Eco-Excellence Awards™.

SUNRAYS to Help Keep Kids Reading, Learning all Summer Long

June 1, 2021 Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. is excited to announce that through its SUNRAYS® brand it will be supporting Save the Children’s annual summer reading campaign in the United States, which starts today.

SUNRAYS Inaugural Sonoran Grape Season Underway

May 27, 2021 Jac. Vandenberg, Inc.

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. has announced that their SUNRAYS® inaugural Sonoran grape season is officially underway with the first SUNRAYS® grapes from Mexico packed over weekend. In its first season in grapes, the SUNRAYS® brand has already shipped over 380,000 boxes from Peru and Chile and expects to pack more than 250,000 boxes out of Northern Mexico.