Sustainable Produce Containers For Packaging Live Microgreens

Sun Sugar Farms, Verona KY has introduced two new sizes of their Sustainable Produce Containers that were created especially for live microgreen growers.

Made of a reversible white/brown paperboard with high wet strength, the 3 Quart measures about 6.4″L x7.5″Wx4.5″H and holds the same volume as a 3 pound plastic clamshell for grapes.

The 1.5 Quart or “Tall” Quart is as tall as the 3 Quart but has the same footprint as a common plastic strawberry quart clamshell. Microgreen growers can slide their grow pads of live microgreens directly into the new containers and lock the lid. Customers can then open the front of the boxes to cut the amount of fresh microgreens they want. 

Both new sizes are also popular with gourmet mushroom growers, holding 10-18 ounces of oyster, shitake or lions mane mushrooms, depending on density.