Tasteful Selections Color-Changing Purple Passion Margarita Takes Center Stage for National Margarita Day

Arvin, California— Potatoes and tequila? You read that right. Tasteful Selections®’ most unique potato recipe yet—The Color-Changing Purple Passion™ Margarita!

“At Tasteful Selections, we value creativity and ingenuity, and it’s not isolated to just our business. It is in our recipes too,” said Tim Huffcutt, Vice president of Sales & Marketing Operations. “Potatoes have been a staple in many homes for generations. The potato can be so much more than a traditional side dish and we are excited to show our consumers all the wonderful recipe options our potatoes provide.”

Tasteful Selections will continue to present new recipes and meal creations throughout 2022. Bite-size potatoes offer versatility and diverse flavor opportunities to every meal. Enjoy National Margarita Day and other holidays to come, with Tasteful Selections.

View the recipe here: https://www.tastefulselections.com/recipe/color-changing-purple-passion-pineapple-margarita/

About Tasteful Selections

Tasteful Selections®, LLC is a vertically integrated family-owned collection of farms — pioneering and leading the bite-size potato category. To ensure their high standards of quality, flavor and freshness, Tasteful Selections owns and operates the entire process of planting, growing, harvesting and packaging. Field to fork fresh in every bite.

About RPE

Category leader RPE is a grower/shipper of year-round potatoes and onions, providing category innovation and retail solutions as the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Tasteful Selections and its best quality, bite-size potatoes.