Taylor Farms Invests in the Future Through Annual Scholarship Program

SALINAS, Calif. – Taylor Farms recently hosted employees and their families at its annual Scholarship Luncheon, where 20 new students were presented with college scholarships. To date, Taylor Farms has awarded over one million dollars in scholarship funds to more than one hundred outstanding recipients pursuing higher education at a 4-year university or graduate program, with $100,000 being awarded solely to this year’s new recipients. All the scholarship winners are children of active, full time Taylor Farms employees.

Taylor Farms partnered with the Community Foundation for Monterey County for a second year to expand the scholarship programs reach, allowing applicants to utilize their online platform to instantly apply for over 40 additional local scholarships that they may not have been aware of, in addition to the Taylor Farms Scholarship program.

The scholarships are tailored to support students throughout their entire academic career, where recipients receive an upfront check for $5,000 and a guaranteed renewal of $5,000 for each year they remain in an undergraduate or graduate program.

“Taylor Farms is thrilled to continue the scholarship program for our team and their families with both new students and renewed scholarships,” said Bruce Taylor, CEO, Taylor Farms. “We are deeply passionate about creating opportunity for education as the foundation of a thriving future.” 2019 recipients include: 

  • Adan Lopez Calderon – University of California, Berkeley
  • Andrea Rivera Maranon – California State University Fresno
  • Brenda Ruby Rodriguez – University of California, Berkeley
  • Cecilia Linares – San Francisco State University
  • Emma Horton – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Erika Servin Vela – California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Francisco Javier Romero – San Francisco State University
  • Gloria Angelica Tinoco Estrada – California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Jasmine Beltran – Sacramento State University
  • Jesus Alfar – University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jonathan Josue Quintero Ramos – California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Karen G Navarro – California State University, Long Beach
  • Leonardo Reynoso – University of California, Davis
  • Maria Ramirez – University of California, Davis
  • Mariluz Tejeda-Leon – Yale
  • Maria Guadalupe Duran – Cal Poly
  • Matthew Steven Morasca – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Pablo Mendoza Contreras – University of California Davis
  • Ronaldo Aguilera – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Seth-Abdiel Briano Palacios – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

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