Tour de Fresh Provides 51 New Salad Bars To U.S. Schools

From October 12-16, nearly 50 cyclists from the fresh fruit & vegetable industry embarked on a 300+ mile ride throughout California to raise funds to provide children more access to fresh fruits and vegetables in schools. This year, with the help of generous donations, Tour de Fresh cyclists plan to deliver 51 salad bars to schools in California, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

“The Tour de Fresh has truly become a special event in the industry, and it’s incredible to see so many friends come together for an important cause,” said Tom Stenzel, president and CEO, United Fresh Produce Association. “The idea of rallying-around school salad bars, getting kids access to fresh produce, and helping create excitement in schools and communities for our products, it makes sense on so many levels, and the United Fresh Start Foundation is honored to play our part in moving these efforts forward.”

The participants of the 6th annual 2019 Tour de Fresh ride met their goal to donate 50 salad bars. To date, Tour de Fresh has raised more than $930,000 to fund and place more than 265 salad bars into schools. By providing salad bars to schools, children are learning to incorporate a greater variety of fruits and vegetables into their diet, creating a healthy eating lifestyle at a young age.

“We’re thrilled about our record-breaking donation to the United Fresh Start Foundation,” said Cindy Jewell, vice president of marketing for the California Giant Berry Farms. “By providing more students with access to fresh fruits and vegetables during school, we’re shaping heathy eating behavior far beyond school hours and for years to come.”