Vanguard: The 2022 Peru Harvest Wraps

Tuesday, March 8th marked the last day of the Vanguard Peru grape harvest. The harvest may be complete, but there is still one-third of the product from the season still to arrive in the markets as our global team continues to navigate a challenging supply chain.

Up to week 8, Peru has shipped 61.5M boxes of grapes, this is 10% more than last season year to date when Peru had shipped 55.7M boxes. The Peru season this year will very likely hit 64M equivalent boxes, an increase over the initial forecast of 62.5M at the beginning of the season.

Grape Conditions

We saw one of the best performing product seasons to date, in large part to the advancements that our team undertook at the ranch, we will share more details below. Color, size, crunch, and flavor were all on the premium level and our customers took notice. Weather conditions were excellent, and the start of the harvest was as expected in early November and ended as planned in mid-March.  Quality and harvest conditions were very good.  All things we had within our control in Peru have been on target with our plans.  Moreover, California finished their 2021 season early and Chile started later, which created an excellent window globally.

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